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Intelligence Sourcing

We connect you with the right individuals and organizations throughout the World to help you obtain key business and competitive intelligence. Our intelligence analysts will work towards obtaining advanced tactical data and intelligence that will greatly contribute to your organization's success in penetrating new markets or exploring new business opportunities.

BSG leverages a network of over 344 private industry experts around the world who provide us with up-to-date and unpublished competitive intelligence around many key industries. BSG's network has access industries such as medical, pharmaceutical, energy, finance, telecommunications, international banking, GPS tracking, biometrics and more.

BSG Intelligence Sourcing Services Include:

  • Competitive Intelligence Reporting
  • Tactical Intelligence Reporting
  • Ad Hoc Situation Reports
  • Due Diligence/Leadership Profiles
  • Corporate Level Investigative Reporting
  • Sourcing for Intelligence Projects
  • Counter-Intelligence Reporting/Training

Our work and access to our network will empower you to make informed decisions before you commit any valuable resources.