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Executive Accompaniment
Private Jet

BSG's Executive Accompaniment experience is considerable.

This is a service we recommend for employees who require a level of security above that normally provided by their existing corporate security department, but who do not require a full protective detail.

Our Executive Accompaniment strategy is tried and tested; low profile, unobtrusive to the client and complemented by discreet counter surveillance.

BSG LLC has been protecting Chief Executive Officers and Board Executives (and their families), political leaders, high net-worth individuals and members of various royal families since 2001. In addition, we have proven expertise and experience in securing and protecting people and assets at business conferences, major events, corporate retreats and social functions.

BSG provides executive accompaniment and event protection for multi-national corporations and private individuals with maturity, sensitivity and an appreciation of the unique personal and organizational requirements of our clients, their families and loved ones.

Our mature and proven experience over the past 11 years allows us to provide personalized and flexible services, integrating strategic risk management advisory support with operational security resources. Our approach ensures a seamless fusion of an organization’s existing security management practices and resources into our supporting services. We provide flexible, dynamic and above all personal services to ensure that we perform to the highest standards.

BSG understands the nuances of dealing with individuals, as well as the organizations or groups they represent. We are sensitive to aligning our approach with the lifestyles, image and activities of those we protect and will ensure we blend into the event or activity to perform our services in an appropriate manner.

Many major corporations and high value individuals are increasingly aware for the need to provide an appropriate layer of protection for themselves and their employees, be it their most senior executives, board members and delegations and their families and loved ones.

The spectrum of risks presented by an increasingly unstable world are varied; manmade and natural threats can exposure key corporate executives, high value individuals and their families and loved ones to a range of risks, particularly during high profile events or when travelling to unfamiliar territories, hostile or not.

BSG LLC provides mature and appropriate levels of protection for both common and unique risks – allowing Insert Client business and personal activities to be conducted safely and confidently. Such measures are also a cost effective method by which to reduce risks to people, as well as protect Insert Client in terms of liability and operational and brand impacts.

Terrorist Attacks, Kidnap for Ransom or Political Exposure, Intimidation, Health and Medical Issues, Common Criminal Threats, Earthquake, Road Traffic Accidents, Violent Crime, Extortion, Hurricanes, Political Unrest, Civil War, Arrest and Detention Overseas...

Just some for the threats facing Multi-National Corporation and Company staff all over the world.

Our balanced and pragmatic approach will define the right level of protection for each task. Experienced and unobtrusive risk and security advisors and support staff will remain low profile as they support the executive’s schedule, be it a daily routine or attendance at an open public or special event. BSG understands that executive and event protection is also about ensuring activities go smoothly. Our staff know they have roles beyond safety and security – they are part of ensuring administrative and logistical services are in place and on time.

Our Executive Accompaniment Services:


BSG can provide the following services:

  • Male and female protection officers
  • Electronic sweep teams
  • Paramedics and drivers
  • Explosive detection teams
  • Electronic detection teams
  • Local Police support
  • Residential and office risk assessments and surveys
  • Major event risk assessments
  • Training and education in the following areas:
    • Hostile environment
    • Pre-deployment and travel management
    • First aid
    • Counter kidnap
    • Crisis and incident management for field and executive staff

BSG also supports companies and individuals in developing and implementing bespoke plans and policies which enable executives to travel to and operate in domestic and foreign environments in a safe, controlled manner.